The Bulsiewicz Family

Timothy and Jonali Bulsiewicz were living the American dream after being married 10 years and then Lord clearly told them to walk away from their jobs, sell their possessions and go into ministry full time.  They started their journey in September 2016 doing at DTS with YWAM Sunshine Coast and taking their kids to Africa for outreach. The Lord put it on their hearts to come back to staff with YWAM.  Timothy is helping start the prayer house, while Jonali is serving with the DTS.  There are many nations that are on their hearts; India, Brazil, Europe, and Australia are only the beginning of the list!

Timothy is a first generation Christian from Catholicism. He grew up in upstate NY and began his relationship with God in college in 2004 after realizing his life was a façade and losing hope. His heart is for teaching simple truth, bringing God’s peace, love and healing to the broken, and giving hope to the hopeless.

Jonali is a first generation American whose parents immigrated to the United States from India. She is also a first generation Christian from Hinduism. She grew up in upstate NY. God radically transformed her with His love when He found her in 2001. Her heart is for encouraging people through the prophetic, helping individuals pinpoint the root of their brokenness, receive healing through the love of Jesus Christ and the renewed mind.

Timothy and Jonali love to minister and travel as a family. They have two children, Elijah & Priya. They have a pioneer spirit and desire to remind others that we walk with the Lion!


You can contact the Bulsiewicz family by email at the following email