Sunday Morning


Being a Carrier of the Aroma of Christ | Dave Fenton | 09-06-2019

Pastor Dave Fenton sharing a message on looking like heaven, and how that daily affects the world around us. Sunday Morning Service

Heaven | Dave Fenton | 02-06-2019

Pastor Dave Fenton sharing a message on the Heavenly realm and how it affects our everyday.   Sunday Morning Service

No More Middle Ground | Joel Baker | 26-05-2019

Pastor Joel Baker speaking on seeking the Lord wholeheartedly, and God’s mandate over the church. Sunday Morning Service

The Bulletproof Bride | Stu White | 19-05-2019

Pastor Stu White sharing a message on offence in the church, and how, as the bride of christ, we should be un-offendable and full of praise […]

The Mother Heart of God | Joel Baker | 12-05-2019

Pastor Joel Baker sharing a message on the Mother heart of the Lord towards us, how he comforts us, defends us, and is always with us. […]

Resurrection And Boldness | Dave Fenton | 14-04-2019

Pastor Dave Fenton sharing a message on the power of Jesus’ resurrection, and how it effects us and our live today. Sunday Morning Church Service

The Promise and the Process | Joshua Young | 31-03-2019

All the way from Florida, Joshua Young came to FlameTree and shared a powerful message on trusting God; remaining hopeful in the process, and enjoying the […]

David Fenton | God’s Plan | 01-07-18

Pastor David Fenton sharing about the God’s plan for our lives. Sunday Morning Service