Sunday Evening


Climbing the Mountain | Chris Mitchell | 09-06-2019

Chris Mitchell speaking on being refined by God in our character to prepare us for our purpose, and practical tips of how to overcome difficult times […]

Exchanging Disappointment For Faith | Bec West | 02-06-2019

Bec West sharing a message on being disappointed with God, and how we can believe in him and trust him in difficult seasons. Sunday Evening Service

Discipleship | John Murphy | 19-05-2019

John Murphy sharing a message on Discipling and representing the character of God to others. Sunday Evening Service

God is Faithful in Leading You to the Promised Land | Peter Kowalski | 12-05-2019

Peter Kowalski sharing a messaging on God’s faithfulness to fulfil his promises, and give you more than you could ever ask for. Sunday Evening Service

The Other Side of Fear | Supriya Sajja | 05-05-2019

Guest Speaker Supriya Sajja speaking on overcoming fear and walking into victory. Sunday Evening Service

Cast Your Cares on Jesus | Glenys McDonald | 28-04-2019

Gleyns McDonald sharing a message on casting your cares on Jesus. Sunday Evening Service

Changing Perspective | Jason Heslop | 07-04-2019

This Sunday Evening, Jason Heslop shared testimonies from his first term teaching First Nations students on Elcho Island, Northern Territory. Sunday Evening Service

God is Going to See Me Through | Morag Paton | 09-12-2018

Morag Patron talking about burning for God and the word of the Lord over your life. Sunday Evening Service

Renee White | Living Fearlessly | 22-04-18

Renee White shared an inspiring message about overcoming fear and living freely. Sunday Evening Service