Exchanging Disappointment For Faith | Bec West | 02-06-2019

Bec West sharing a message on being disappointed with God, and how we can believe in him and trust him in difficult seasons. Sunday Evening Service

God is Faithful in Leading You to the Promised Land | Peter Kowalski | 12-05-2019

Peter Kowalski sharing a messaging on God’s faithfulness to fulfil his promises, and give you more than you could ever ask for. Sunday Evening Service

Seeking God | Dan Pesu | 10-03-2019

Dan Pesu sharing a message about not getting stuck in automatic Christianity, and running wholeheartedly after Jesus. Sunday evening Church Service

Bearing Fruit Upwards | Stuart White | 10-03-2019

Pastor Stu sharing a message on the church vision statement, Bearing Fruit Upwards. Sunday Morning Church Service

Renee White | Your Story | 02-09-18

Renee White sharing about when God’s story becomes your story. Sunday Evening Service