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Stu White | Lament and Praise | 15-09-19

Pastor Stu White shared on how in our daily walk we experience  joy in the midst of sorrow.

Prayer | David Fenton | 08-09-2019

David Fenton shared on prayer and how it all about relationship  PM Service

The Generosity of the Lord | Leah Tunley | 04-08-2019

Leah Tunley shared about the generosity of the Lord and coming to Him boldly as a Son or Daughter

God’s Grace is Sufficient | Glenys McDonald | 24-03-2019

Guest speaker, Glenys McDonald, sharing a her testimony to speak a powerful message of God’s sufficient grace. Sunday Evening Church Service

PODCAST David Fenton Celebrate Jesus

Ps David Fenton Speaking Celebrate Jesus Sunday Evening Service

PODCAST Hannah Liddle Yoked With Jesus

Hannah Liddle Speaking Yoked With Jesus Sunday Evening Service

PODCAST Hannah Woods Intimacy, Perspective, Obedience

Hannah Woods Speaking Intimacy, Perspective, Obedience Sunday Evening Service

PODCAST Paul Lanham Psalm 133

Pastor Paul Lanham speaking on Psalm 133 pm Service

PODCAST Stu White Humility and Authority

Stu White speaking on Humility and Authority PM Service