Morag Paton


Sharing Faith is Easy | Morag Paton | 30-06-2019

Morag Paton speaking on how sharing you faith with others is easier than you think it is, and all comes with listening and with love. Sunday […]

God is Going to See Me Through | Morag Paton | 09-12-2018

Morag Patron talking about burning for God and the word of the Lord over your life. Sunday Evening Service

Morag Paton | Nambour’s Solution | 30-09-18

Morag Paton sharing a message on Nambour’s solution. Sunday Evening Service

Morag Paton | Remember | 25-03-18

Morag Paton sharing about her journey and encouraging us to remember all that God has done. Sunday Evening Service

Morag Paton

Morag Paton speaking about how we need to lean on and take ownership of growing our own faith. Sunday Evening Service.