Stu White | Everybody gets to play | 01-12-2019

Pastor Stu White preached a message on Discipleship

Stu White | Willing and Able | 10-11-2019

Pastor Stu White spoke this Sunday morning about being willing and able.

Vicky Eggmolesse | The Power of God’s Word | 03-11-2019

Vicky Eggmolesse shared a personal and powerful message on the power of God’s word.

Glenys McDonald | Who are you influencing? | 27-10-2019

On Sunday night, Glenys McDonald shared a beautiful message on influencing people, changing atmospheres, and transforming lives for good and for God.

Joel Baker | Seeing 20/20 | 27-10-2019

On Sunday morning, Pastor Joel Baker shared a powerful prospective message on “Seeing 2020”.

Stu White | Surrender | 06-10-2019

Pastor Stu White shared an impactful message this Sunday morning about surrender.

Daniel Pesu | Remember | 06-10-2019

On Sunday night, Daniel Pesu shared an incredible message about the importance of remembering.

Lessons from Pain | Sarah Benwell | 23-06-2019

Sarah Benwell sharing a her testimony on walking through pain, and how it impacted her relationship with God. Sunday Evening Service

Starting with An A+ | The Gehrke Family | 23-06-2019

The Gehrke Family sharing a powerful message on their time in Thailand, and being loved by God as a son or daughter. Sunday Morning Service