Dave Fenton


Trust and Obey | Dave Fenton | 05-05-2019

Pastor Dave Fenton speaking on learning to have faith, seek God, and walk in obedience. Sunday Morning Service

Resurrection And Boldness | Dave Fenton | 14-04-2019

Pastor Dave Fenton sharing a message on the power of Jesus’ resurrection, and how it effects us and our live today. Sunday Morning Church Service

Restoring the Awe of God | Dave Fenton | 17-03-2019

Pastor Dave Fenton sharing a message on Restoring the Awe of God. Sunday Morning Church Service

Pastors | Vision Sunday | 24-02-19

FlameTree Pastors sharing the new vision for FlameTree Church. Sunday Morning Service

Dave Fenton | The Good News | 23-12-18

Pastor Dave Fenton sharing a Christmas message about the good news. Sunday Morning Service

Dave Fenton | Humility and Obedience | 9-12-18

Pastor Dave Fenton sharing a message on humility and obedience. Sunday Morning Service

Dave Fenton | Called to Rest | 07-10-18

Pastor David Fenton sharing a message about being in a position of rest. Sunday Morning Service