Exchanging Disappointment For Faith | Bec West | 02-06-2019

Bec West sharing a message on being disappointed with God, and how we can believe in him and trust him in difficult seasons. Sunday Evening Service

God’s Grace is Sufficient | Glenys McDonald | 24-03-2019

Guest speaker, Glenys McDonald, sharing a her testimony to speak a powerful message of God’s sufficient grace. Sunday Evening Church Service

Trusting God in Times of Uncertainty | Joel Baker | 24-03-2019

Pastor Joel Baker sharing a message on Purim, using the story of Esther to talk about how we can trust God in times of uncertainty. Sunday […]

Restoring the Awe of God | Dave Fenton | 17-03-2019

Pastor Dave Fenton sharing a message on Restoring the Awe of God. Sunday Morning Church Service

Joel Baker | Psalm 91 | 03-03-19

Joel Baker speaking on Psalm 91. Sunday Morning Church Service.

PODCAST Rodean Williams

Guest speaker Rodean Williams am service

PODCAST David Fenton Power In The Name And The Blood Of Jesus

David Fenton speaking on Power In The Name And The Blood Of Jesus am service

PODCAST David Fenton Son of God, Son of Man

Pastor David Fenton speaking on Son of God, Son of Man. am service