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Pastoral Care | Janelle Tidey | 08-09-2019

On Sunday morning Janelle Tidey, from Yandina Baptist Church and Malyon Vocational Training, spoke on the simplicity of the body caring for each other. AM Service

Trusting God in Times of Uncertainty | Joel Baker | 24-03-2019

Pastor Joel Baker sharing a message on Purim, using the story of Esther to talk about how we can trust God in times of uncertainty. Sunday […]

PODCAST David Fenton The Salt Covenant

Pastor David Fenton speaking on the Salt Covenant – Morning Church Service  

PODCAST David Fenton In Christ Jesus

Pastor David Fenton speaking on In Christ Jesus am service

PODCAST David Fenton Peace Offerings

Pastor David Fenton speaking on Peace Offerings am service

PODCAST Joel Baker Eyes On Me

Ps Joel Baker Speaking Eyes On Me Sunday Morning Service

PODCAST David Fenton We Need Discernment

David Fenton Speaking We Need Discernment Sunday Morning Service

PODCAST Joel Baker No fear In The Shaking

Ps Joel Baker Speaking No Fear In The Shaking Sunday Morning Service  

PODCAST Joel Baker God’s Will For Your Life

Ps Joel Baker Speaking God’s Will For Your Life Sunday Morning Service