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Sunday Morning Service


The Big Idea– We Need To Choose To Live In More Joy.


Verses To Check Out– Romans 14:17:Nehemiah 8:10; Psalm 23:5; Matthew 18:3-4.


Background– In the United States surveys conducted show that an average child laughs 400 times per day and an adult laughs 12 times per day!  The three things mentioned that make up the kingdom of God are righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Ghost.  We as believers in Christ should be living in these three areas so that we are living obedient lifestyles to God!  To decide not to live in these three areas in our daily lives is disobedience to God’s intended plan for our lives.  Christ Jesus said unless you Repent/change and become like a little children you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.  We need to repent for our worldly lifestyle of having a lack of joy in our lives.  Jesus is like our full-length mirror.  We need to look at him and see that we are changing to be made into His image.

Launch Question:  Are You Living A Joyful Life?


What was your observation of this scripture or scriptures?


What is your interpretation of the scripture or scriptures?


How can you apply this to your life?


What changes in your life could allow this to happen?


All About Jesus– Hebrews 12:2- Jesus even had joy in going to the cross for you and I bearing the shame and the sin of the world even while being tortured beyond recognition.  See Isaiah 52:14.  Jesus laughed with children and even told his disciples not to stop the children to come and be around him! ( Matthew 19:14.)


Prayer Points- Pray for yourself in the area of righteousness peace and joy in the Holy Ghost.  Pray and ask Jesus to forgive you for not living in Kingdom and then thank the Lord for His grace to allow you to choose to live in kingdom lifestyle today and everyday moving ahead!  Pray and ask the Holy Spirit to fill you a fresh and a new today!  Ask God for more joy in your life!


Exercises– Look at yourself in a mirror every morning and give yourself a huge smile and hold it for 30 seconds.  Declare over yourself that you do and will live in the Kingdom of God on earth all the days of your life!  Declare over your life that you live in righteousness, peace and love.  Choose to laugh more in your day, even when circumstances are tough.



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