Ma’ayan Grace

Hi my name is Ma’ayan Grace or May.

I have been in Thailand since I was 17. In Nov 2013 I went to Thailand with plan to stay and teach English for 6 mths. Oh how my plans changed…It wasn’t long before my heart ached to see revival happen in Thailand. I saw the need for Christ and the hunger in the Thai young people for love and acceptance. Near the end of my first year in Thailand I met with Mae, the Head of the Business English Major at Phetchabun Rajabhat University. She described the University to me as more of a community college. Most of its students are their because their grades didn’t make the cut to get into the more prestigious Universities they have in Bangkok or  Chiang Mai. Other students come from families who are either too poor or too controlling to send their children elsewhere.

Mae shared with me her story and vision to start a campus ministry. She herself found Jesus through a campus Ministry in Chiang Rai and later felt called back to her home town to become a professor and share the love of Christ. She now holds a high and well respected position in the University. She has a café gifted to her by her parents. All she needed was help! Mae challenged me to become a student in her Major which instinctively my first response was no and then let me pray about it. Who would spend four years of their life studying their mother tongue?

The thing is sometimes the things God askes us to do don’t always make sense. God’s universe is an upside down one so I became a student and in November 2016 Found Campus Ministries accepted our first team to hang out with our students, teach them English and show them love. It turns out being a student in the University opened up so many more doors than I ever thought would be possible. I have learnt so much about the people God has called me to be a witness. I have friends who I get to see everyday because I am a student and I am able to speak with my friends about Jesus so naturally which is really exciting and somewhat refreshing. I also don’t have to worry about visa issues.

Found Campus Ministries’ vision is to see the lost be found. We do this through our everyday lives; me as a student and Mae as a professor. We also have a café where students are welcomed and loved no matter how unlovely. MaeMay Café is open every afternoon from 4:00pm till late with English tutoring taking place from 5:00pm – 6:00pm. We also accept teams, which are a big draw card to the café with the great demand for opportunities to learn English. Our students are shy but the more teams we have the more outgoing and confident they are becoming. We have also now officially become a location for YWAM to send DTS teams.

We are now raising money and planning to build a Found house which will consist of two dormitories. One for the boys and one for the girls. This is a house that will house students  who have been kicked out of their homes because they have decided to follow Jesus as well as students who are struggling financially to get through University. We are not perfect and sometimes we feel like our ministry is more messy than holy but thorough it all we can see God working. We are so honoured to be working for him.