Jason Rutch

Jason has the honour of serving in the nation of Thailand, working and praying to see the Kingdom come to this beautiful country. His heart is with families, and he works to see justice and sustainable prosperity become a reality for the people he loves and works with every day. He does everything as an outworking of his love for Jesus.

Since 2010, Jason has served with House of Mercy. Jason has fulfilled many roles as needed, in management, childcare, translation and teaching, in three of Mercy’s locations around the country. His life outside of Mercy has evolved over the last year and he is now the sole caregiver for his Thai-born brother, and advocate and supporter of a family of seven Pakistani refugees in Bangkok.

With a recent change of structure in Mercy requiring less on-location work from Jason, he has been enabled to take a more active role in community and economic development. To use his time well, and attempt to obtain funding for medical and legal costs, Jason also works as a copy writer, consultant, interpreter and teacher at various locations around the city of Khon Kaen. Doing so, doors are opening for him and his brother to work with members of the Chamber of Commerce, police, government and community groups.


 You can stay updated on Jason’s service through social media, or join his (infrequent) mailing list by contacting the church office.

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