God’s House

We have a passion for God’s House. As the last Godly king before judgement came to the nation of Judah, the first thing King Josiah did in turning Israel back to the LORD was to repair the cracks in God’s House (2 Kings 22).  As the last Godly generation before Judgement comes to the nations, the first thing we are intent on seeing are repairs made to the Body of Christ where it is fractured between Jew and Gentile, between denominations and in our own local fellowship. Jesus is the Prince of Peace.  Shalom – “peace” – is better translated as “wholeness”.  He is the Prince of Wholeness. He came to make that which is broken, whole.

God’s house is amazing! It is the Body of Believers. It is fearfully and wonderfully made, with incredible variety that often seems to bother us more than it bothers God.  We pray regularly and passionately for the church in our town, meaning every denomination, every house church, any gathering of believers where Jesus is honoured, large or small.  We owe our community a re-presenting of Jesus that is so beautiful, so compelling, so true, that it is irresistible! Before this can happen we need to have our eyes so fixed on Him that fears and offenses fall away between individuals as well as churches.  Like the crowd to Zaccheus, the honoured heritage, theologies and historic doctrines of our movements must never be allowed to obscure what might be an individual’s first curious view of the Lord.

How good and pleasant it is when brothers live together in unity! …for there the LORD commands the blessing! Psalm 133:1.  Unity is both the prerequisite and consequence of God’s blessing. All things are from Him, through Him and to Him Romans 11:36. Our unity is first of all a gift from God as we respond to His grace. If we want to see God’s wisdom demonstrated through the church to the rulers and the authorities in the heavenly places (Eph 3:10) that influence our community, let’s first employ God’s grace to bless one another. Then a truly blessed and powerful testimony of Jesus will go out from God’s House, advancing the Kingdom, setting captives free and giving Him glory!

It is also our purpose to contend for God’s abiding presence in this local house of FlameTree, and see Jesus glorified in our lives and in our community.