God’s Heart

At FlameTree we are passionate to show God’s Heart to our town and community. It is God’s heart for everyone to understand how indescribably good He is and just how much He loves them (1Timothy 2:4).  His heart is not to control, but to liberate!  King David wrote, “I live my life Your way, because You have set my heart free!” Psalm 119:32

Reinhard Bonnke has said that in all other religions of the world, man seeks out God. Only in Christianity does God passionately seek man! Once we realize God loves us, really loves us; that Jesus is for us, we begin living and choosing better. When we know we are loved and accepted, even pursued, by God, it’s easier to be generous and forgiving, or honest, or brave. We become less critical or fearful. As we go after God’s heart, His heart becomes our heart. “I love to do you will, O my God, because Your ways are in my heart.” Psalm 40:8

We want the world to know that God is good and His love never fails!