Passionately committed to God’s presence & purpose


In this post-denominational world, most believers are less concerned with the sign above the door than an honest and true encounter with God. FlameTree was founded at the turn of the 19th century as Nambour Baptist Church on what was known as “Church Hill” at the site of the present day Sunshine Coast Regional Council building.  We honour that 100 year heritage.

God gave us the name “FlameTree” in 2011. Years before, I was inspired by a possible interpretation of the name, “Nambour”. By most accounts, Nambour, which derives from the aboriginal Naamba used for this area, is significant of all or part of a local flowering tea tree.  At least one site however, recorded that  it referred to a type of “flame” tree. Though the original meaning of Naamba is not recorded with certainty, the proverbial seed was planted.

In a prophetic word given at Bethel in Redding, California in 2010 we were described as a large tree with a great expanse of branches spreading over the world.  Every time a leaf falls a fire is started. My spirit leapt with the image of a spiritual Flame Tree.  The young woman who gave the word had no idea of the identity which was already stirring in my heart.

Significantly, we had planted a Poinciana, or African Flame Tree, in front of the church, years before a new name for the church ever came into view.  Proverbs 25:2 teaches us that Father God loves to hide things, in part, for the sheer delight in the joy of our discovering them.  Following those bread crumbs brought us to the end of 2011 when God  literally gave us permission to take the name — I believe of His choosing — FlameTree.

We seek to be Kingdom-minded, honouring the whole Body of Christ, and apostolically led, embracing the ministry gifts and roles of Ephesians 4:11. We value worship as a real and abandoned encounter with the living God as well as a lifestyle. Church membership is better understood as a Kingdom partnership, with responsibilities and a shared vision rather than rights and privileges. We shape our ministries and mission according to the gifts and passions present in the house.  We love and honour our Elder Brother, Israel, teaching and praying into the wholeness of our shared family.  Our heart is to live as true sons and daughters of our Father in Heaven, depending on His supernatural power rather than mere natural ability. Our goal is to proclaim the whole Gospel of the Kingdom, with joy and compassion, and re-present  Jesus in an irresistibly beautiful light.
– Pastor Joel