Joel Baker | Identity | 06-01-19

Pastor Joel Baker sharing a message on who we are in God. Sunday Morning Service

Joel Baker | An Awe-Full Year | 30-12-18

Pastor Joel Baker sharing a reflective and hopeful message about the year past and the year to come. Sunday Morning Service

Dave Fenton | The Good News | 23-12-18

Pastor Dave Fenton sharing a Christmas message about the good news. Sunday Morning Service

Stu White | Oneness with Christ | 16-12-18

Pastor Stu White sharing a message about being one with Christ.   Sunday Morning Service

God is Going to See Me Through | Morag Paton | 09-12-2018

Morag Patron talking about burning for God and the word of the Lord over your life. Sunday Evening Service

Dave Fenton | Humility and Obedience | 9-12-18

Pastor Dave Fenton sharing a message on humility and obedience. Sunday Morning Service

Joel Baker | Dedication | 02-12-18

Pastor Joel Baker sharing a Hanukkah message on dedication. Sunday Morning Service

Julie Darlington | Step Into Your Dreams | 25-11-18

Julie Darlington sharing a sermon about stepping into your dreams. Sunday Evening Service

David Fenton | Character is Christ-likeness | 18-11-18

Pastor David Fenton sharing a message on the difference between character and giftings. Sunday Evening Service