The Bulletproof Bride | Stu White | 19-05-2019

Pastor Stu White sharing a message on offence in the church, and how, as the bride of christ, we should be un-offendable and full of praise […]

God is Faithful in Leading You to the Promised Land | Peter Kowalski | 12-05-2019

Peter Kowalski sharing a messaging on God’s faithfulness to fulfil his promises, and give you more than you could ever ask for. Sunday Evening Service

The Mother Heart of God | Joel Baker | 12-05-2019

Pastor Joel Baker sharing a message on the Mother heart of the Lord towards us, how he comforts us, defends us, and is always with us. […]

The Other Side of Fear | Supriya Sajja | 05-05-2019

Guest Speaker Supriya Sajja speaking on overcoming fear and walking into victory. Sunday Evening Service

Trust and Obey | Dave Fenton | 05-05-2019

Pastor Dave Fenton speaking on learning to have faith, seek God, and walk in obedience. Sunday Morning Service

Cast Your Cares on Jesus | Glenys McDonald | 28-04-2019

Gleyns McDonald sharing a message on casting your cares on Jesus. Sunday Evening Service

Love That Goes the Distance | Stu and Renee White | 28-04-2019

Pastors Stu and Renee White sharing a message on healthy marriage; how to love, honour and empower each other. Sunday Morning Service

Resurrection Sunday | Joel Baker | 21-04-2019

Pastor Joel sharing an uplifting Easter Day message on the life we get to live because of the death and resurrection of Jesus. Sunday Morning Church […]

Resurrection And Boldness | Dave Fenton | 14-04-2019

Pastor Dave Fenton sharing a message on the power of Jesus’ resurrection, and how it effects us and our live today. Sunday Morning Church Service