PODCAST Joel Baker Joy and Suffering

Identification with Jesus and our friends means sharing in joy and suffering. Morning Church Service.

PODCAST Paul Lanham Taste and See

Only God can satisfy our hunger and He gives the gift of hunger so we will seek our satisfaction in Him. Morning Church Service

PODCAST David Fenton Welcome Home

David Fenton speaking about small groups and strategies to connect. Morning Church Service

PODCAST Sarah Lanham Do Not Confuse ACCEPT With Except

Do not confuse ACCEPT with except. Morning Church Service

PODCAST David Fenton Earnestly Desire

Pursuing the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Evening Church Service.

PODCAST Paul Lanham A Fast Unto God

In all our activities God is the initiator, the sustainer and the object of our adoration. Morning Church Service.

PODCAST Paul Lanham Psalm 91

Paul Lanham speaking on Psalm 91 Evening Church Service

PODCAST Paul Lanham Jesus is in the boat

Paul Lanham shared how we are called to be travellers not settlers,  we may face opposition but Jesus is in the boat!

PODCAST Joel Baker Wake Up And Look Up

Joel Baker speaking on rekindling our hope in a God who will never fail us Morning Service