Stu White | Lament and Praise | 15-09-19

Pastor Stu White shared on how in our daily walk we experience  joy in the midst of sorrow.

Sam Childers | Hearing From God | 15-09-19

Sam Childers (Machine Gun Preacher) shared on Sunday Morning about his current work in East Africa and an amazing message on hearing from God.

Prayer | David Fenton | 08-09-2019

David Fenton shared on prayer and how it all about relationship  PM Service

Pastoral Care | Janelle Tidey | 08-09-2019

On Sunday morning Janelle Tidey, from Yandina Baptist Church and Malyon Vocational Training, spoke on the simplicity of the body caring for each other. AM Service

God our Father | Joel Baker | 01-09-2019

Joel Baker preached about God our Father AM Service

Daniel Goldstein | Trust | 25-08-19

Our guest speaker Daniel Goldstein from Israel, spoke on Trust. Sunday morning service.

Israel a Prophetic Sign in the End Times | Gene Little | 18-08-2019

Gene Little from the House of Peace Jerusalem shares on 10 tokens that are good prophetic signs of Israel in the days we live in.

Stand with Israel | Marylois Little | 18-08-2019

In our Sunday morning service Marylois Little from the House of Peace in Jerusalem spoke on why Christians should stand with Israel

The Kingdom Way – a new way of thinking | Joel Baker | 11-08-2019

Pastor Joel Baker shared on The Kingdom Way, a new way of thinking Sunday Morning Service