Morag Paton

Morag Paton speaking about how we need to lean on and take ownership of growing our own faith. Sunday Evening Service.

Roger Saunders

Roger Saunders sharing about the Power of God, and Living in His presence. Sunday Morning Service

Olivia Burnett | Waiting On The Lord

Olivia Burnett sharing on waiting on the Lord. Sunday Evening Service

Sam Childers | Machine Gun Preacher

Sam Childers, the Machine Gun Preacher speaking on Hearing God’s voice. Sunday morning service

Gretchen Mitchell

Gretchen Mitchell speaking at the Sunday evening service.

David Fenton | Christ Alone Part 2

Pastor David Fenton sharing the second part of his message on Christ Alone. Listen to last weeks message to hear part 1. Sunday Morning Service.

David Fenton | Becoming a House of Prayer

Pastor David Fenton speaking about how important it is in this season that we become a House of Prayer, as individuals and as a Church body. […]

David Fenton | Christ Alone Part 1

Pastor David Fenton sharing on Christ Alone. Part 1 Sunday morning service

Chris Finelli | Cleaning The House

Chris Finelli speaking about how we need to allow God to clean our house, in terms of our lives and hearts. Sunday Evening Service