Joel Baker | Gifting of the People Groups | 17-06-18

Pastor Joel Baker sharing about the gifting of different people groups. Sunday Morning Service

Hannah White | God’s Dreams | 10-06-18

Hannah White sharing about the importance of dreaming big. Sunday Evening Service

Joel Baker | Orientation | 10-06-18

Pastor Joel sharing a message about orienting your life around Jesus. Sunday Morning Service

Israel Team | Israel Tour | 03-06-18

The team who went to Israel sharing on their experiences of the trip. Sunday Evening Service

Joel Baker | Jesus Came | 03-06-18

Pastor Joel Baker sharing a message about the significance of the coming of Jesus. Sunday Morning Service

Rebekah Tutt | No Fear in Love | 27-05-18

Rebekah Tutt reminding us that there is no fear in the love of God. Sunday Evening Service

Stuart White | Keys to the Kingdom | 27-05-18

Pastor Stuart White sharing about the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven. Sunday Morning Service

David Fenton | Woundedness or Brokenness | 20-05-18

Pastor David Fenton sharing a great message about the difference between Woundedness and Brokenness. Sunday Morning Service

Laura Miles | Closeness With God | 13-05-18

Laura Miles sharing a great message about intimacy and closeness with God. Sunday Evening Service