David Fenton | Character is Christ-likeness | 18-11-18

Pastor David Fenton sharing a message on the difference between character and giftings. Sunday Evening Service

Paul Lanham | To Be Complete Instruments | 18-11-18

Paul Lanham sharing a message on becoming perfect and complete instruments. Sunday Morning Service

Missions Team | Osaka, Japan | 11-11-18

The FlameTree team led by Pastor Stuart White share on their recent missions experience in Osaka, Japan. Sunday Morning Service

Tim Craig | Peace in the Storm | 04-11-18

Tim Craig sharing a message about abiding in peace in the storm. Sunday Evening Service

Joel Baker | The Power of Intercession | 04-11-18

Pastor Joel Baker sharing about the power of intercession. Sunday Morning Service

Joel Baker | Come and See | 28-10-18

Pastor Joel Baker sharing on the importance of inviting rather than solely answering. Sunday Morning Service

Christophe | The Blood of Jesus | 21-10-18

Christophe sharing a message on the power of the blood of Jesus. Sunday Evening Service

Joel Baker | When in Doubt, Flamenco! | 21-10-18

Pastor Joel Baker sharing a message on choosing joy in every season. Sunday Morning Service

Roger and Daphne Saunders | Grace and Rest | 14-10-18

Roger and Daphne Saunders sharing about grace and rest. Sunday Evening Service