Roger Saunders

Roger Saunders sharing about the Power of God, and Living in His presence. Sunday Morning Service

Olivia Burnett | Waiting On The Lord

Olivia Burnett sharing on waiting on the Lord. Sunday Evening Service

Sam Childers | Machine Gun Preacher

Sam Childers, the Machine Gun Preacher speaking on Hearing God’s voice. Sunday morning service

Gretchen Mitchell

Gretchen Mitchell speaking at the Sunday evening service.

David Fenton | Christ Alone Part 2

Pastor David Fenton sharing the second part of his message on Christ Alone. Listen to last weeks message to hear part 1. Sunday Morning Service.

David Fenton | Becoming a House of Prayer

Pastor David Fenton speaking about how important it is in this season that we become a House of Prayer, as individuals and as a Church body. […]

David Fenton | Christ Alone Part 1

Pastor David Fenton sharing on Christ Alone. Part 1 Sunday morning service

Chris Finelli | Cleaning The House

Chris Finelli speaking about how we need to allow God to clean our house, in terms of our lives and hearts. Sunday Evening Service

David Fenton | A Fathers Day Message

David Fenton sharing a Fathers Day Message. Sunday Morning Service