Joel Baker | A new wineskin | 15-30-2020

Pastor Joel Baker spoke on the new wine skin the Lord has for the Church

Joel Baker | A Pure Heart | 23-02-2020

Pastor Joel Baker in his series on the Beatitudes spoke on being pure in heart

Simon Rattray | Dust off your swords | 16-02-2020

Simon Rattray – The Bible is our Sword, it is our food and we need to eat and digest it and then SPEAK IT!

Joel Baker | Forgiveness is Amazing | 19-01-2020

In this sermon in the series on the Beatitudes, Pastor Joel Baker speaks about coming into the true freedom of forgiveness.

Joel Baker | Hunger for Jesus | 12-01-2020

In continuing on with a teaching from the Beatitudes, Pastor Joel Baker spoke on hunger for Righteousness

Joel Baker | Grace and brace for change | 05-01-2020

At the beginning of 2020 Pastor Joel Baker spoke on the grace for change in 2020.

Joel Baker | The Power of Meekness | 15-12-2019

Pastor Joel Baker shared a message on the controlled strength of meekness

Jeff Curnow | Are we ready for what is coming? | 15-12-2019

Jeff Curnow shared a prophetic message on the new wine and being prepared with new wine skins.

Tim Bulsiewicz | Power ministry simplified | 08-12-2019

Tim Bulsiewicz spoke on healing and gifts of the Spirit