joel baker


Joel Baker | Arise | 09-09-18

Pastor Joel Baker inspiring the church to Arise. Sunday Morning Service

Joel Baker | Honesty | 26-08-18

Pastor Joel Baker sharing a message about honesty and wholeness. Sunday Morning Service

Joel Baker | Command Your Expectations | 08-07-18

Pastor Joel Baker sharing an inspiring message about commanding your expectations. Sunday Morning Service

Joel Baker | Gifting of the People Groups | 17-06-18

Pastor Joel Baker sharing about the gifting of different people groups. Sunday Morning Service

Joel Baker | Orientation | 10-06-18

Pastor Joel sharing a message about orienting your life around Jesus. Sunday Morning Service

Joel Baker | Jesus Came | 03-06-18

Pastor Joel Baker sharing a message about the significance of the coming of Jesus. Sunday Morning Service

Joel Baker | Because He Lives | 01-04-18

Pastor Joel sharing a Resurrection Sunday message titled Because He Lives. Sunday Morning Service

Joel Baker | Come Out Of Hiding | 25-03-18

Pastor Joel Baker sharing a great message about coming out of hiding. Sunday Morning Service

Joel Baker | God Finishes What He Starts | 04-03-18

Pastor Joel sharing about Purim and that God Finishes What He Starts. Sunday Morning Service