flametree church


Laura Miles | Believe What God Says | 16-09-18

Laura Miles sharing a message on the importance of believing what God says about you. Sunday Evening Service

Dave Fenton | Change the World | 16-09-18

Pastor David Fenton sharing about partnering with God to change the world. Sunday Morning Service

Sam Liddle | Surrender Your Reputation | 09-09-18

Sam Liddle sharing about surrendering your reputation. Sunday Evening Service

Joel Baker | Arise | 09-09-18

Pastor Joel Baker inspiring the church to Arise. Sunday Morning Service

Renee White | Your Story | 02-09-18

Renee White sharing about when God’s story becomes your story. Sunday Evening Service

Stuart White | Father’s Heart | 02-09-18

Pastor Stuart White on Father’s Day talking about the Father’s heart. Sunday Morning Service

Joel Baker | Honesty | 26-08-18

Pastor Joel Baker sharing a message about honesty and wholeness. Sunday Morning Service

Josh and Amanda Blennerhassett | Promises | 12-08-18

Josh and Amanda Blennershassett sharing some inspiring recent experiences with trusting God. Sunday Evening Service

Rebecca Alexander | Wings of Hope | 12-08-18

Rebecca Alexander sharing about her life and the importance of organisations like Mukti and Wings of Hope. Sunday Morning Service